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Effort Role

Intermediate Students

Dr. Roberta Bondar Intermediate Students (students who are in grade 4 and in grade 5) are assessed each term on the EFFORT they put forth to be successful in their school environment. An EFFORT ROLL acknowledges those students in each intermediate class who have shown a vigorous and hard working approach in doing their school work. 

Bondar teachers will assess students using 4 essential aspects of strong WORK HABITS: homework completion, daily use of Planners, organization of materials needed, and attitude towards school.

  • Homework Completion refers to short term and long term assignments being done fully, neatly, thoughtfully, and on time.
  • Daily use of Planners refers to Planners being filled out fully and accurately each day in class and being signed by an adult at home who has discussed the listed tasks and responsibilities with the student.
  • Organization of Materials refers to students keeping track of their school supplies, gym strip, notices, and resources so that they are available when needed.
  • Attitude towards School refers to students having a positive outlook and a willingness to try new approaches when given directions along with enthusiastic participation in school experiences both in and out of the classroom.

Each term, teachers will acknowledge those students in their class that show they have ‘exceeded expectations’ in their EFFORT at school. Their names will be displayed in the office, in the Newsletter and on certificates. We know that students putting forth their best EFFORT today will become successful citizens tomorrow.