Traffic Safety

THANK YOU to all of our parents who are dropping off and picking up their children in a safe manner!!

Parking on Chilcotin and walking down with your child is the best option, but if you need to drive into the parking lot, please note the following rules:

1. Drive slowly!

2. Move as far forward along our front sidewalk as possible.

3. Do not park and leave your car in the dropoff or drive-through lanes! Please have your hugs and say your ‘goodbyes’ at home to keep this lane moving in the morning.

4. Keep moving forward to the front of the line before dropping off or while waiting to pick up.

5. Have your child exit and enter your vehicle on the sidewalk side of your car.

6. Please pick-up children only from the “dropoff/pickup” lane. Students cannot safely move from the sidewalk to the drive-though lane – this lane is for continuously moving traffic only.

7. Please remind your child to follow road-crossing safety rules when walking from the supervised school sidewalk at the east end (traffic entrance) and the west end (traffic exit) to the city sidewalk on Chilcotin Drive and eventually to your family car.

8. Please use your indicator light when moving from our “drop-off/ pick-up” lane to our “drive through” lane. Thank you!

9. Please refrain from honking your vehicle horn to gain the attention of your child on the front sidewalk.

10.  Please do not leave "drop-off/pick-up" lane, pass vehicles, and return to "drop-off/pick-up" lane.

11.  Always exercise patience.